Monday, April 7, 2014


My mantra in everything I do is 'just add coffee.' I do it in the morning, with breakfast, after lunch and probably once more in between. My coffee intake is at an all time high, a lot of the time it's decaf because lord knows I'm always at an 11 and don't need the caffeine, I just love the taste!

My splurge item at Starbucks that I'll treat myself to maybe once a month is a frappuccino, one because the calorie count is slightly insane for the cup size but mostly because it's comparable to a down payment on a house to buy one of those things these days!

So in hopes of saving money and a trip to the gym I made an at home frap that is really low in fat.


All you will need is... (dramatic pause) 

- COFFEE (chilled)
- STEVIA (or any sweeter of your choice, I just used Stevia because it's better for you)
- MILK (again I chose fat free for purposes of being a bit healthier)

First you'll need to brew your coffee ahead of time so that it can be chilled in the fridge for at least an hour before making your frap.

I based the amount of each basically by eye-balling it in the magic bullet cup. If you want more of a coffee taste put more coffee than milk or vice versa if you'd rather it more sweet. This is how much of each I put it in the cup. (The measurement heights are once the ice is add)

So with that said, Step 1: add ice to cup followed by the coffee, caramel, milk and one sweeter packet. 

 Then blend it all up until the ice is completely crushed!

To top it off you can either add a little extra caramel, like yours truly, or some whip cream! Now it's time to enjoy and love life!

Talk more things and things and things with me tomorrow! 

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Sunday, April 6, 2014


I decided to spend money today. While shopping for life's necessities, coffee creamer and hairspray, I made eye contact with every girls dream, the clearance section. So I went ham on the makeup and came away with some of my new favorite products that were so cheap! All together I spent close to $20 and that was including a mason jar tumbler to make an even 1,000 tumblers that I already own...

I'm trying to experiment more with colors, especially one my eyes so I got to eyeliners by Flower that I am beyond excited about! One is a dark plum color (Color: LP5) and the other is a forest green (Color: EL3) color. I think they would both look great with minimal makeup and slightly just smudge out the liner to define the eyes more.

The other Flower products that I got were three lipsticks. I was pleasantly surprised when I got home and opened them that there is actually three colors in each tube. And out of the nine colors at least 8 are winners, this what it must feel like to win the lottery! (I couldn't find the color names)




And because I didn't think one purple eyeliner was enough I got a second! This was from e.l.f which is a extremely reasonable line, everything I got was $3 each. The first was a double sided eyeliner & eye shadow stick. The dark purple has been my obsession since I went re-watched 90210 and Silver's makeup was always perfect and never too harsh because the smoky eye was never in black but purple instead. 


I finally got a baked blush! I've wanted to try one but didn't want to splurge because I'm not sure how I feel about blush is general, I have a rosey cheek naturally so I really wear one. This one is pinktastic but elf. I've very light and can also be used as a highlighter on the top of my cheek bones. I used it while getting ready today and I am in love! 

And the last elf product I got was just a eye primer stick, this is a way cheaper way to go. I usually buy the Urban Decay primer potion and this elf product does the exact same thing for way less. 

The last four lipsticks I bought earlier this year but I think I wore at least one of these everyday. They are really dramatic one and I loved that because I haven't been wearing much eye makeup so this drew all the attention to my lips instead! They're all drug store brands and really affordable. The first two are my Revlon and are the colorburst matte balm. I can't get enough of the matte lip I think it looks a lot more slick. They are also really smooth and easy to wear all day. (Colors: 245 Audacious & 215 Shameless)

To contradict what I just said I also got two lip glosses because I love them too! These are also Revlon Colorburst and they're so fun because they both have a little glitter added into them which is perfect for a night out! (Colors: 060 Adorned & 056 Embellished)

Let me know if you try and of these products or if you have any ideas of other ones I should try!

Talk more things later? BYEEE!

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Thursday, April 3, 2014


Hi lovely humans!

It may sound small but I'm ready to pop a bottle of champagne with excitement because I hit 30 sales in my shop! I thought this would be a good time to introduce my two loves so It's Steph Bell meet Pistol & Lace, Pistol & Lace meet It's Steph Bell. 

Following the "do what you love" motto I'm trying to do exactly that. I love being artistic and creative and this gives me a chance in my spare time to create and let others enjoy what I love so much! 

To keep it super 2014 everything is digital downloads so you can print at your own leisure and frame it to add an extra little something to a bedroom or living room. Or even a bathroom if that's what your'e into! 

Please take a little look see and tell me what you think!


Let's talk even more things soon! 

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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Things I Love This Week (And It's Only Wednesday)

I have come across so many things this week on the internet that gave me the emotional feels.

SEE?!?!? (Source)

I have already cried because of a do nice video, laughed at a Colbert rebuttal and had an at home concert from the cast of The Lion King. This week is amazing! Which is a big step up from this weekend where I had a window rolled up on my face and then walked into the bar with that bloody, rolled up face. I digress.

I want to make sure that you get a chance to see all these videos and things that have taken me on a roller coaster already this week. Let's get the emotional ball rolling...



To be honest I didn't even make it through the video. I can't imagine being in this little girls shoes but to wish for something so amazing at such a young age shows her bravery and love for her dad. Try and watch it, but I recommend tissues. (Read the full story)

Then the girl who is terrified of flying was envious of everyone on a plane. I dare you to try and not sing a long..

Stephen Colbert, winner! The man is a genius.


And if that's not your cup of tea. Here's this!

So let's all meet back here in the really near future, says the commitment phobe, and talk more things?!

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Thursday, March 27, 2014

I'm On The Road To Happiness

Happy Grey's Day!!

YUM!!!! (Source)

Or for those that don't appreciate sexy men talking doctor, Happy Thursday!

Today at the home office of the day, can I make that a thing, #HOOTD? We are sitting at Mom's house because I'm in dire need of a home cooked meal tonight.

I came across this quote while on one of my hour long Pinterest binges and it hit me in a self motivating kind of way.


I keep getting the age-old question, 'What do you want to do with you life?' from everyone. And because in your early 20s these days you have to have your entire life planned out and I should be able to give people a detailed explanation that I want to work for "blank" company and then get married and start a family. Please catch the sarcasm now.

Over the past year I've struggled with who I want to be. Or better put who I should be. For some they're waiting on me to complete step one towards that cookie cutter lifestyle and find a company where I have an immense growth ability and settle into my life as a 'Career Woman.' Frankly I don't think that will ever happen because I believe 7 days a week should be casual dress day.

You know that nauseating feeling you get in your gut when you aren't completely satisfied with what you're doing? If not, you're lucky. But that was me while working in any company that you can find on my resume.

That quote completely says it right, I think you have to search long and hard for what your something is and create your on path within that niche. Don't get me wrong some people are made to take the normal steps of job, marriage then family it's just not for me.

Take the time to find out what you want and then the thought of doing something forever will be worth it and fun! That's all we really want is some fun! And when the working day is done, girls we wanna have fun! (On a carried away scale that was about an 11).

Let us all venture onward together and find that thing that we like!

So let's all meet back tomorrow, realistically in the next couple days because commitments scare me, and talk more things?

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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

So Many Pictures!

Not working a 9 to 5 job now I’ve become a professional errand runner. I find myself running around town with this list of new needs. Everything on it is completely outrageous and normally I would say I could live without but I used that girl power that we typically use on our man on myself to convince me that I might die without it in my life. That’s the reason why I have 6 different candles on my counter, obviously I want every room in my house to smell like either the magical, baking fairy just left or that I have freshly washed cotton sheets because somehow with all this time off the laundry pile is getting really high.  And a lot more lunch dates have been added to the mind calendar. (Writing things down is for smart people.)

But does anything actually happen if I don’t Instagram it?

Insert picture proof that I am sitting here really writing now:

Today I’m starting a put the cell phone down movement, more for myself but if others jump on, welcome! I do suggest that the two girls I sat next to at the Justin Timberlake concert also join because you crazy bitches watched the whole through your cell phone.

What do you honestly plan on doing with all that footage? One of two things, you’re going to go home re-watch it and be pissed because you can’t hear anything over your best friend signing over entire concert and end a 10 year long friendship or you’ll have wasted three hours of your life only for a 15 second Instagram clip with a not so cute caption about you ‘falling asleep with my boyfriend, Justin.’ And Mary Camden will not appreciate that!!


I should have realized that I had a problem when I started putting the white edges on all my pictures but I really wanted everyone to know that I try too hard! If not then, then it was definitely when I cropped myself into the Oscar selfie.

Proof! And don’t forget the white edges…

This proves my point that I forgot to say earlier so I'll just add in now, that we are all always 3 seconds away from instagramming. It's also sad that I just used Instagram as a verb. WHO AM I?!

Shall we examine the facts...

1.  Do I have two adorable dogs that I name after hot men? 1... 2... 3... "I don't now check her Instagram!" 

2.  Let's go grab a drink! 1... 2... 3... "Wait don't take a sip yet, I have to Instagram it!"

3. "Oh shit, it's Thursday!" 1... 2... 3...

4. This is the two parter- First Proof that I got ready! "Selfie!"

Second, Let's go out! 1... 2... 3... "Let's all take a picture!"

The point is... Follow me at @ItsStephBell 

Just kidding! 

Let's all remember to take a second and do something for ourselves every once in a while. Go for a run and don't take a picture of your shoes before you leave or enjoy the first bite of your food without being pissed you forgot to take a picture of it before you ate some.

But if it's pictures of cute puppies don't stop. I repeat, DO NOT STOP! 

Well that was an unexpected rant. So let's all meet back up here tomorrow and talk more things? Ok, good!

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