Monday, April 7, 2014


My mantra in everything I do is 'just add coffee.' I do it in the morning, with breakfast, after lunch and probably once more in between. My coffee intake is at an all time high, a lot of the time it's decaf because lord knows I'm always at an 11 and don't need the caffeine, I just love the taste!

My splurge item at Starbucks that I'll treat myself to maybe once a month is a frappuccino, one because the calorie count is slightly insane for the cup size but mostly because it's comparable to a down payment on a house to buy one of those things these days!

So in hopes of saving money and a trip to the gym I made an at home frap that is really low in fat.


All you will need is... (dramatic pause) 

- COFFEE (chilled)
- STEVIA (or any sweeter of your choice, I just used Stevia because it's better for you)
- MILK (again I chose fat free for purposes of being a bit healthier)

First you'll need to brew your coffee ahead of time so that it can be chilled in the fridge for at least an hour before making your frap.

I based the amount of each basically by eye-balling it in the magic bullet cup. If you want more of a coffee taste put more coffee than milk or vice versa if you'd rather it more sweet. This is how much of each I put it in the cup. (The measurement heights are once the ice is add)

So with that said, Step 1: add ice to cup followed by the coffee, caramel, milk and one sweeter packet. 

 Then blend it all up until the ice is completely crushed!

To top it off you can either add a little extra caramel, like yours truly, or some whip cream! Now it's time to enjoy and love life!

Talk more things and things and things with me tomorrow! 

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